Embarrassingly I Lost £270 in Taylor Swift Ticket Scam – Lessons Learned


Ok this is very embarrassing to admit, on Sunday I was scammed out of £270 trying to buy Taylor Swift tickets. I was in two minds to post this here but actually I think it’s got some important lessons that I want to share.

How could I be so naïve?

Yes I do feel a bit foolish. I was brought up in a very urban, working class Merseyside in the 80s and 90’s, that didn’t really give me much of an edge in most areas, but it should have at least given me some street smarts.

So this is what happened, my ten year old daughter and I are complete Swifties. I listen to all kinds of random music alternative/ folk/ country even a bit of hip hop and really generally I’m not really a pop culture kind of person but I have always liked Taylor. This was much more embarrassing to admit 15 years ago when she was a teenage country singer/ song writer to be fair. Now everyone seems to have caught up.

Bonding Over Music

Because of this my daughter loved listening to Taylor and she has become her biggest fan. Being Swifties has is a fun bonding thing between me and my daughter. It involves road trips and singing Taylor songs loudly, dancing and singing around the house. Crying when we actually listen to the words of Ronan (if you haven’t heard that song and I guarantee it will bring tears to your eyes). Hilariously dropping in or quoting Taylor lyrics in our sometimes serious discussions. If fact there isn’t a life situation where you can’t find a Taylor song or lyric to match.

Taylor is Inspirational

My daughter is so inspired by Taylor she has learned to play the piano and guitar, she works out Taylor songs by ear and plays them. She writes her own songs and music.  She sings in public, at Christmas she sang a solo in front of a full Theatre full of people in our towns brass band Christmas Concert and then she got invited to join Gloucestershire Youth Choir. So this talented musician and savvy business women that is Taylor Swift (and the first musician ever to ever become a billionaire purely though music and shows), is not just a fun shared love but a significant positive role model in my daughter’s life.

We really wanted Tickets to the Eras Tour and Couldn’t Get Them

When Taylor announced her Eras tour I tried to get tickets and couldn’t and yes I was listed on the pre-sale list but for Taylor to satisfy demand it would mean her doing a Stadium every night for almost 3 Years.. My daughter was gutted but she accepted it well. Even seeing others who are not even as big of Swifties as us get them, really handled it maturely.

An Opportunity To Get Tickets

Then on Sunday a trusted  friend of mine, shared a post from one of her Facebook Friends saying due to circumstance they was selling their tickets to see Taylor Swift at Anfield Stadium Liverpool (also my home town so it felt particularly special). I called my friend and asked do you know this guy? do you trust him? is he legit?  Her response was yes, yes I’ve known him since childhood he is a lovely guy.

I messaged him and I agreed to buy 2 tickets at £135 each. He made the process easy and I was blinded by my desire for these tickets and my friends words. So I stupidly bank transferred him £270 and was waiting for him to transfer the name on the ticket via ticket master (can’t believe I did that now, I know…) Shortly after this his Facebook and messenger account vanished. I messaged my friend and turns out her friend was the lovely guy she described but someone had cloned his account.

I had been had!

Ok so at that point I realised I had been scammed, my heart sank and I felt sick. I felt everything hurt, anger, humiliation, shame but most of all guilt, I had told my daughter I was getting these tickets and I was letting my daughter down. This broke me for a bit the tears came fast and heavy, luckily my daughter was at her dads house.  She cried too, when she found out but she was more upset that I have been scammed, bless her.

So this is LinkedIn, I know it’s not Facebook, so what is the point of this story? -I hear you thinking.

The insight

Most of us on here are buying and selling  whether that be a product, a resource, a service or even an idea. At some point we will all get taken for a ride and we will be let down by people many time. In business it hurts too, when people let us down and particularly if that is intentional and you think someone has taken advantage of your trust then it really can cut deep.

Don’t Skip Due Diligence

So I got carried away because I really desired these tickets from a really deep place a magical memorable experience for my daughter, so when someone placed an opportunity in-front of me, I did not want to miss that opportunity. In this situation I should have asked to speak to the person selling not just use messenger and looked at safer ways to transact the money. Any reasonable human being would have understood that. Ask yourself are you right to trust this person/ business? Have they earned your trust? Can they demonstrate trustworthiness… If you do decide to take a risk let’s face it in business we often do, please look at the impacts and mitigation of that risk.. In my case I should have and could have done more to protect myself but in the grand scheme of things losing £270 does sting, but it will not actually really impact my life.

Take a bit of Time to Listen to that Inner Voice

We all have that inner voice, that inner knowing that gut feeling that is often over- crowded by noise from our brain and emotions. If I am honest, that feeling was there but I ignored it. I should have taken a moment to go silent and to meditate on it. I think that would have pushed me more into the due diligence action. So often when we feel pressure (even self-inflicted), we get busy and jump into action and can miss something that’s quite obvious.

What to do when things go wrong

In life even with the best will in the world you will get caught out from time to time, sh!t happens as they say. It happens to the best of us, I know – yes even me! How you react and recover from problems is equally as important as preventing them, in every problem there is a lesson, something that can make you stronger and fitter for the future and could even help you to avoid something much more serious or catastrophic, so don’t waste that precious opportunity.


Ok so it happened could this issue spread? Could anything else be affected? In my case are my details safe, can this person extract any more money?


2. Correct

Ok the money has gone and no Taylor Tickets, but I reported it to my bank, filed a police report, reported the Facebook account and made sure the person whose account was copied was aware.


3.Root Cause Analysis 

Use the 5 Why tool, drill in deep, get to the root cause was there a process issue? a system issue a training and awareness issue? In my case yes I was blindly led because I hadn’t done my research and I had no process, I should have at least have thought through what the correct process should have been. I rushed because I felt under pressure from the desire and urgency I was feeling to complete, subsequently that caused me to cut corners, I see this in business all the time by the way.


4. Learn Lessons & Preventative Actions

Use the root cause analysis and lessons learned to change processes and systems. Make sure its documented in your ISO system. Ensure sure people are made aware and are trained.


5. Finally Let Go and Don’t Let The B@st#rds Grind You Down

It happened no use wasting anymore time and energy festering on it. I think whoever did this to me was either in a desperate situation or they are broken in some way, either way I don’t believe they are happy people so why let them drag me down, instead I send them my gratitude for this lesson and for this content. I believe most people to be good and honest in their intent,  so I’m not going to let the odd bad apple ruin the basket for me and jade my view. I have done what I need to do, now I have more important things to be getting on with. Let Karma deal with the rest, “Karma is a relaxing thought”  is the Taylor lyrics that spring to mind, from the track Karma, I’ll post a link in the comments 🙂

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