The workshop will create a clear and focused plan that will enable your organisation to achieve business objectives effectively.

Stop wasting time and resource on activities that will not move your business closer to the Vision and Goals.

The key is to focus and align all activity where results will be delivered, identify key work-streams, deploy throughout the organisation and track.

All businesses waste time and resources on activity that delivers no value. That is people being paid to create waste, simply by shifting focus performance is elevated and success will be achieved.


Do you to need get on top of cash-flow & reduce costs?
Do you need to output more with less people?
Do you want to de-clutter your business and create a state of flow?

The key is WASTE!
Waste is anything that does not add value, anything that does not create revenue and it increases cost.
Your business will be leaking 10s of thousands of pounds every month.

To eliminate waste you first need to:
1. Find it
2. Prioritise it
That is what the waste audit does.


Which process/ product/ objective do you need to improve performance on rapidly?

The one that is giving you a headache, and is draining time and money.

Whether you want to reduce cost, reduce time, improve quality or delivery performance.

We will take that problem and dramatically improve it.

We will finally sort that issue for you, and save you time, money, stress and give you peace of mind!


Fast-tracks the business improvement journey. Over 6 months your business will achieve key business goals. and make a step improvement.

Reduce Costs - Improve Cash-flow - Increase Profits

Save Time - Increase Capacity - Improve Delivery Performance

Improve Quality Performance- Increase Customer Satisfaction

We provide the framework, knowledge, training and support, so you can achieve your objectives faster.

Problem Solving Workshop

Don't tolerate reoccurring problems. So much time, money and customer satisfaction is lost through reoccurring problems.

Reoccurring problems waste time, drain motivation and prevent your team from cracking on with those value adding objectives.

Its human nature to jump in and quickly fix the immediate problem, without solving the root cause. People need the knowledge, skills and framework to solve problems effectively. That's what this workshop will give them,

Success with 5S

5S creates an organised and efficient working environment that will save time and money.

Does your workplace feel dis-organised? Do you experience delays whilst searching for important items or files? Can the workplace look and feel untidy? Is it difficult to navigate through the electronic files? Do you find customer visits and audits can be a worry, with people hurrying around tidying and getting organised before the event?

If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then your business needs 5S. 5S is a great way to get started with your Business Improvement activity.


When a serious business problem/failure has occurred, the Lessons Learned Workshop will guide your team through a structured problem solving process. I help your team to discover and understand the root causes and determine the improvements to prevent the same thing from happening again.


We design and tailor Business Improvement Programmes or Events, aligned to your business needs. This could be for a 1/2 a day training workshop to a 12 month Business Transformation programme. For further information or quote please contact us.

Why Delay?

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