Save your business time and money

Getting started with your Business Improvement activity

5S creates an organised, efficient working environment that will save your business time and money. 5S is a great way to get started with your Business Improvement activity.

Does your workplace feel dis-organised? Do you experience delays whilst searching for that important item or document, often sifting through erroneous items before finding the right one? Can the workplace look untidy? Is it difficult to navigate through the electronic files? Do you find customer visits and audits can be a worry, with people hurrying around tidying and getting organised before the event? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, then 5S can help your business.

Create an organised, efficient working environment

Embedding 5S in your business will create an organised and tidy working environment where the items that you need are kept to hand in a visible and retrievable location, and the clutter and waste that you don’t need is removed. You will experience the many benefits of a 5S environment which include;

  • Reduced costs, through the elimination of waste
  • Free up time, with less delays
  • Impress your customers and raise confidence
  • Improve quality, through clarity and accuracy
  • Improve safety, through a visibility and care
  • Create ownership and pride in the workplace
  • Reduce downtime through maintenance of tools and equipment

Implementing, embedding and sustaining 5S

I will lead your team through all the steps of 5S until it is fully embedded. Your team will gain the skills, experience and be inspired to run with 5S. Your team will learn and implement basic principles of lean such as flow, waste and visual management.

Sustainability is the most challenging aspect of 5S implementation. To achieve sustainability, I understand that everyone within the organisation will need to be on-board, bought-in and involved. I work tightly with your team and coach them through the challenges to embed 5S as the way of life. Success depends on your team experiencing and implementing the benefits of a 5S.

What to expect

A 2-hour consultation prior or the workshop will help me to understand your process, and determine the main areas of focus for the 1-day workshop. This enables a smooth productive workshop on the day.

We then hold a 1-day work shop, when your team will receive training on the principles of 5S, and will then implement a 5S Framework and get to start the first “S,” Sort.

Return for 2 x ½ Day workshops, and get your team started in each “S” – Straighten, Sweep & Shine, System and Sustain.

To ensure success, I will always come back at a later date to track the implementation and measure the results and benefits. I am committed to delivering value for money, so I also will come back to measure your ROI.

You will receive,

  • 2-hour consultation prior to workshop. To gauge and plan the main areas of focus for the workshop
  • 1-Day Workshop Including;
    • Principles of 5S
    • Implementing 5S in Your Business
    • Get started – Sort
    • Create and present action plan
  • 2 x ½ workshops Straighten & Shine and System & Sustain
  • A ½ day follow-up session to check success and sustainability. Calculate & report savings and benefits.

If you are interested or need a bit more information, Contact me. I will be more than happy to help!


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