Eliminate Waste and Re-claim Time and Money

The 3 Day Waste Elimination Blitz will really purge waste out of your business. In 3 days you will discover, target and reduce process waste. Your business will gain the complete framework, tools and skills to continue to eliminate waste.

Do you know how much waste there is in your business?

Most manufacturing SMEs cannot quantify process waste. Yet value added time for manufacturing companies is typically less than 5%. Waste causes problems right throughout the entire business, costing time, money and quality. It is often the root cause for longer cycle times, excess inventory, lost sales, productivity loss, rework, loss of morale, overtime, scrap, returns and complaints.

Regain time and money, to crack on with delivering those Business Objectives

Eliminating waste will save time, money and reduce line stoppages. You can increase your margins and regain time to focus on your Business Objectives. You and your team will feel free from the burden of the problems that waste creates. Try the 3 Day-Waste Elimination Blitz and your business will,

  • Save time and money
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve quality and increase customer satisfaction
  • Receive the complete Waste Elimination Framework, set-up and running
  • Train and Inspire 6 x people to use 8 Wastes, Values Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination tools

What to expect:

Step 1 –  2-hour Consultation (Prior to the 3 Day Event)

Planning and preparation is the key to an effective event. I will visit your business prior to the event, to really understand your objectives and needs. Ensuring you get the most out of the event.

Step 2 – Discover, Prioritise and Eliminate Waste – Value Stream Map 

A team of up-to 6 people will create a Current State Value Stream Map (VSM). The VSM will identify and quantify the waste within your end-to-end delivery process. The waste is then prioritised into a simple plan, allowing improvement activity to be focussed specifically on the areas that deliver the most savings and value to your business.  The Team will select the top 2 Wastes and significantly reduce them.

Step 3 – Waste Reduction Becomes a Daily Habit with the Waste Elimination Framework

The Waste Elimination Framework is a fast and low effort approach to drive out waste, achieve quick cost and time saving results. Your team live, breathe and touch waste all the time. I will equip your team with the skills, knowledge and process to continuously identify and eliminate waste. The Waste Elimination Framework will be your most effective tool to drive out waste.

Step 4 – Site Visit After the Event

I will visit your site after the event, to track, report and feedback on progress, ROI, cost savings and other business benefits.

You will receive: –

  • Training for up-to 6 People in Basic Lean Principles, Value Stream Mapping and Waste Elimination Framework
  • Training and Coaching for 6 People in basic problem solving techniques
  • The Complete Waste Elimination, Framework, Set-up and running
  • 4 x Identified wastes tackled and reduced
  • A Prioritised Waste Elimination Plan
  • A report detailing success, savings, benefits and ROI

If you are interested or need a bit more information, Contact me. I will be more than happy to help!


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