Creating a High Performance Culture

I feel exhilarated when I help a team succeed, there is nothing like that feeling of shared achievement.
Unlocking confidence, creativity, giving people the framework and knowledge to elevate business performance.

In my experience, many organisations struggle to really effectively implement Business Improvement. It’s not usually down to a lack of will – these companies invest time and money into improvement initiatives. However, time and time again, I observe that initiatives do not yield the expected results and run out of steam before achieving expected results.

I have always been fascinated by what makes Improvement successful and sustainable. Over the years, I have learned that for successful business improvement, three basic fundamentals need to be in place.


Continuous Improvement needs to be planned approach that addresses performance issues, the greatest pain points as well as being aligned to business objectives. Otherwise initiatives are often dropped when the next big topic comes along.

We take a deep dive look at your business, identifying the opportunities that will have the greatest impact. We look at business objectives, pain points, performance then we analyse and prioritise. We give you a clear focused plan that when executed will support business objectives resolve performance issues and save time and money.


Organisations often lack simple framework and basic skills to problem solve and execute effective improvement activity.

In my experience improvement initiatives tend to be either too unstructured, where goals aren’t fully defined and success is rarely checked or achieves effectiveness and sustainability.

Or they are over complicated using rigid inflexible frameworks, improvement then becomes time consuming and just too difficult for people to keep going, and these tend to run out of steam.

Our programmes have everything your team needs to execute rapid and effective improvement. An easy step by step process, clear visual management boards, simple toolkit and training during implementation.

It’s a short cut that allows your team to focus on delivering results rather than worry about how to do Continuous Improvement.


The Key to success is to inspire your people, only people that can drive change, and deliver improvement. People need to feel part of the change, they need to feel valued and they need support. If they don’t feel supported, they will feel insecure and will resist change.

We get deep into where the action is, and deliver results... We train and coach people every step of the way, holding their hand providing support and feedback. Your team will feel empowered and confident. Not only will you see operational performance improve but so will morale and engagement, the team spirit will be lifted.

My Background

With a proven track record and 20 years Continuous Improvement, Quality and Change Management experience, within the electronics, engineering, aerospace, defense & FMCG sectors. I have worked with SME’s as well as large corporations.

My experience covers a large cross section of business processes, from design, manufacturing, sales order processing, commercial, supply chain and inventory management. I have a track record for delivering waste reduction, quality improvement, downtime reduction and productivity performance improvement.

I work with business leaders to deploy business strategy cascading through plans, projects and operations. Setting- up the framework, managing projects, delivering training and coaching.


My Achievements

 £400K Savings – in Waste Reduction Programme – Packaging FMCG Industry

Identified waste saving opportunities, set-up and managed the waste transformation programme, comprising of over 10 individual projects that achieved £400K savings in 9 months.

This was achieved through training, coaching and setting up a simple project management framework, that enabled project leads to execute and deliver successful projects. 


Quality Performance Improvement 50% Scrap Reduction – Defence & Communications Sector

Improved quality performance resulting in a 50% scrap reduction over a 3-month period. Implemented an NCR process, a new database, improved closed loop process, eliminating barriers and improving closeout rates from 20% to 90% over a 1-month period.


Productivity Improvement over £100K Efficiency Savings – Defence Sector

Improved utilisation and management of test equipment, creating cost and time savings.


Business Improvement Framework and Programmes – Nuclear and Aerospace Sector

Set-up a company wide business improvement framework and structure for 4 Year business growth programme. Implementation of governance and controls, including Obeya room, governance process, visual management boards, project plan, programme and project review process.


Quality Systems Improvement – Nuclear and Aerospace Sector

Led and completed a Business Management System (BMS) improvement programme, starting with a system at risk of losing AS9100 Standard.

The project improved/overhauled processes in-order to lift the system back to compliance status. Over a12-week period the project made step changes to quality assurance, non-conformance

management, supply chain management and continuous improvement processes. Non-conformances were closed was assessed as compliant to AS9100 standard.

What my customers say!

From the start of her assignment, Zoe immersed herself into the business and very quickly came to understand the intricacies of our varied operations. Throughout this period, Zoe demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of her subject and was able to communicate her ideas effectively throughout the business, leading to a step change in our systems documentation. As a person, Zoe has a very open approach. She is extremely easy to work with and gets results and thus, I have no hesitation in recommending her services. Stephen Thomas. Finance Director Helander Precision Engineering ltd.

Stephen Thomas - Finance Director at Helander Precision Engineering Ltd

Zoe provided an invaluable service of cleansing and updating our Business Management System in preparation for a key BSI audit.  This was over a period of 6 months during a period of significant change within the company. Zoe quickly integrated herself in our business and was key in preparing and mentoring the management, as well as driving the groundwork needed with the various teams, culminating in the very successful audit with BSI.

Zoe always works in a highly professional manner and clearly articulates the issues at hand whilst communicating effectively at all levels within the business. I wish Zoe every success and would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone.

Bill Nash, MD Helander Precision Engineering Ltd

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